How Successful On-Demand Multi-service Business By Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone KingX 2023 is the perfect business idea if you are looking for a novel business concept that requires little capital and delivers your brand recognition right away. So, what is so unique about this Super App? Why are entrepreneurs keen on getting started with this in One Inclusive App?

The Gojek Clone Applications has come to be associated with successful commercial operations. The current market's consumer behaviour very clearly shows a migration pattern shifting in favour of single app solutions that accommodate and provide different solutions. This is due to two factors:

  • When a single app can perform the functions of numerous apps, people do not want to clog up their smartphones with other applications. 

  • Not only is it time-consuming to download and complete registration forms for several apps, but it also raises severe security concerns.

With this in mind, our team of knowledgeable professionals, with a combined experience of more than 5 decades, has developed a special and cutting-edge solution known as the Gojek Clone app.
There are several reasons responsible for what makes Gojek Clone App successful.

Single Download and Single log-in

The app comes with a new range of features that includes “New UI/UX sign-in and signup that majorly focuses on Mobile number OTP based authentication. Hence, no more remembering the passcodes or saving one.

Additionally, your users can sign up through Face Id/Fingerprint that makes it quick to access the multi-services.

New Components of KingX 2023

The Super App comprises of Two New Components, “Online Video Consultations” and “Service Bid”. These are well-thought and implemented within the app that will quickly improve your customer base.
Online video consultation connects service providers and users for online consultation. Service providers like Doctors, Fitness instructors, Lawyers, Astrologers, Tutors, etc. can be consulted as they are a time savior. The services can be rendered through the app and scheduled as per the convenience. The user can make the payment and provide the feedback once the video consulting is done.

Service bid is another important component that assist users to get their task done within their set budget and deadline. The features allows the user to post the task along with the brief details like Task info, location, budget, deadline, etc. The service provider in that area will bid for the task requirements and the closest of all is chosen by the user.

New Feature for Uber like Taxi Booking  

Now book taxis using iWatch App. The feature is specifically developed to provide convenience to the Apple Users. The feature allows the Apple Users to book taxis using their smart watch. The user can book the taxi, confirm the vehicle, checkout the taxi fair, make payment and get the ETA just like how the app works.

What Kind Of Business Model Is Ideal For Super App?

Selecting a company plan that can ensure a high rate of return is essential. You can also utilize different business models to develop a multi-service app similar to Gojek.
For instance, you can decide on an aggregator model, a delivery-only model, a hybrid strategy, or an on-demand model. You can consult hired mobile app developers or your development partner before choosing the business plan for your multi-service app.
Additionally, there are a variety of revenue methods that could help you make money from the development of a multi-service app. You can learn more about how we make money in one of our posts.

However, you can select commission-based models or advertisement-based models based on the ads for your company.

The Price To Create A Gojek-Style Multi-Service App

The price of creating an app similar to Gojek varies from business to business. Various other elements also play a significant part in determining the pricing.

In comparison to designing one from scratch, creating a basic MVP is simple and inexpensive. However, the following costs can be categorized as part of the development costs of an app like Gojek:

  • Cutting-edge features

  • Maintenance and quality assurance

  • UI/UX design

  • 3rd Party Integration

  • The location of the app development company

In Conclusion

The blog was focused on providing extensive instructions on creating Gojek-like apps in order to iron out the kinks. Working together with a mobile app development company like Gojek App Clone can help you create an on-demand, multi-service app that meets your organization's needs. Multi-service app development will be the next big thing, therefore now is the time to take advantage of the chance. Good luck!